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    Since...forever...I have been obsessed with travel and been branded a bit of a wanderlust. I gratefully blame my parents for my addiction to travel and sunset photo taking. Recently, I came across a set of old photographs from one of my hippy parent's many adventures from the 70s. I think this one was across country to see Evel Knievel jump the Grand Canyon? Looked like so much fun! I always joke with them and say " I wish we were the same age and I had grown up with you guys as friends" and they say "you did, we are friends and always have been!". Needless to say, my brother and I were raised in a pretty non-conformist, DIY atmosphere where making art and talking philosophically (albeit, as children) was the norm. We would take cross country road trips and I would aways wonder if we had taken a leave from school or if it was an official break. We were taught at a young age that everyone contributes to the greater good and you create your own destiny. You can't wait around for something to happen for you. You have to create that something for yourself and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. In other words, you have to have intention and cannot just float through life without a growth mindset. All the while, understanding that the process, the adventure, is what it is all about, not the outcome. 

    When I think about my upbringing, I am grateful. Yep, it was unconventional but without it, would I have ever started my own business, wanted to travel and see new places so often or taken risks which have made my life rich with experience? Maybe. Maybe not. I have been thinking about this quite a bit recently as I have a few big decisions to make for LK. When I break it down and think about my fundamentals, my answer (to everything, really) is: YES. I am always up for an adventure.  

    Sorry for the cliffhanger; More to come! Oh and you might want to pick up one of our zipper pouches featured above for YOUR next adventure!

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