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    Grit. This word has been coming up a lot lately — or at least I have been noticing it more frequently. Many people who are just starting out or aspire to have their own business often ask me details about how I got started and sort of want this magical answer to success (as if I have a secret passcode to get their goods picked up by Anthropologie...I don't for the record ;). Some people that I haven't talked to in yeeeears have come out of the woodwork looking for answers. They probably feel pretty unfulfilled after talking to me because the truth is there isn't a magic answer to successfully running your own business...BUT I can say one thing: it takes G R I T. I'm sure you have heard this word before (and not just from John Wayne or the Coen brothers), but let me establish what it means to me:

    • Passion and perseverance for very long term goals
    • Solid work ethic
    • Stamina
    • Focus
    • Not being afraid to fail
    • Looking at failure as an impermanent condition
    • Having a growth mindset

    A psychologist who focuses on grit and success, Angela Duckworth, during her TED talk says, "Talent doesn't make you gritty. There are lots of talented people who do not follow through with commitments". Its not about talent...it's about truly believing in something and doing whatever it takes to make it happen. I don't just mean dedication because all the dedication in the world can't help you if you don't have the knowledge. This is where having a growth mindset comes in — you have to be willing to learn and grow. Here's an example from my own experience: when I first considered starting my own business, there wasn't a single moment where I thought, "I can't run a business, I'm a designer". Instead, I became thirsty for that knowledge because it was something I needed to make this long term goal happen. So, I quickly started reading, learning, and pulling from my own experiences in the corporate world. 6 almost 7 years later, I have become completely immersed into the business side of Little Korboose and it is truly fulfilling being able to use both sides of my brain on a daily basis.

    No one knows exactly where grit comes from but I believe it is an ingredient in the recipe for successfully completing any large/long term goal...like running your own business. If you would like to know how gritty you are, you can take the official grit test here

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