• LK Stories :: Part Two


    Why did you choose screen printing and what do you love about it?

    "I had always been interested in learning how to screen print so one day I taught myself.

    This process takes me back to my painting roots where it was okay to get messy. It feels nostalgic for me because it's a tactile, analog process and our world right now is so digital. 

    When I started LK, I was screen printing everything myself...in a dingy old basement on a 24" x 24" homemade print table. :) Luckily, now I have a whole team dedicated to this."

    April Nemeth of Little Korboose, screen printing process

    Where are LK products printed?

    All of our products are screen printed in the USA by the talented LK print team, in Cleveland, OH to be exact! Screen printing is an age old craft that is extremely versatile. We love using this technique to create our modern, minimal designs and products!

    How is screen printing done?

    To transform April's drawing into a print, we first stencil the design onto a screen. 

    Then, ink is spread across the screen. We use non-toxic inks that are the lowest in VOCs because we care about our customers and the earth. This is part of the LK mission, to give you quality made products that are eco-friendly, safe and organic!

    April Nemeth of Little Korboose, screen printing process

    Next, we drop the screen gently, lift the squeegee over the ridge of the ink, and pull a blanket of ink over the stencil with enough pressure to scrape the screen clean.

    After we lift the screen, our design is transferred and printed. The printed fabric can then be cut and sewn!

    Check out our video to see April's process in detail:


    We're not the only ones who love this decades old craft. 

    This year, we were fortunate enough to collaborate with one of the oldest textile mills in America to bring you our oversize Tapestries and Table RunnersWorking with another company that appreciates the screen printing process as much as we do has been an amazing experience!

     Stay tuned for Part Three :: Ruth + the Refugee Program!

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