• Teaser Video: "The Journey Home" Film

    You may or may not have heard we are making a film called "The Journey Home". Filmmaking is much different from anything else I create. It's a slow burn, developing over time and challenging any immediate gratification needs I might have. It is more challenging to know when it is "done" and can go on for decades if I let it.

    So you could imagine how excited I am getting for the release of the unscripted film which we started making twelve months ago. Above is the first teaser video for “The Journey Home“ film ✨. Full trailer & film releasing soon. Grateful to be surrounded by a crew of talented humans who wanted to to make this documentary & believe in the power of beautiful, meaningful visual storytelling. This entire experience has been beyond humbling. Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with film and here we are making one. The release of the film may come in a series, short or full length. You will have to follow along to find out!

    🎥: Don Tyler

    Film Description: This is a story all about the meaning of “home”. Founder & Creative Director of Little Korboose, April Nemeth takes us along on her journey across the US showing us the beauty of the land that is her inspiration as an artist, sharing her unconventional upbringing inside bohemian culture and taking us behind the scenes of her business— all to explore the meaning of home.

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