Green Robot Plush

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Product Story

For the first time ever, we are unlocking the LK Vintage Vault full of the still highly requested (now retired) LK Kid’s Collection and never before seen samples — making them available to you. The best part: most items are $8 in honor of the year April Nemeth founded LK: 2008.

A note from the Founder: If you are an LK Loyalist and have been with us from the very beginning, you know that the first product line I designed for LK was organic and eco-friendly childrensware. Growing up with my brand and allowing change to happen, we retired LK Kid’s and transformed into what you see today: thoughtful home objects and textile essential for conscious living. Thank you for joining the team and I on this incredible, 16 years and counting, ride. We hope you enjoy a little blast from the past. 

Product Details

Process: Original art, hand drawn by LK Founder April Nemeth and cut and sewn by the LK assembly team. 

Values: Ethically and sustainably handmade in the USA.

Material: Cotton canvas.

Size: 13”W x 9”L.

Care: Machine wash cool using phosphate free detergent.