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We design and produce modern, minimalist objects and textiles, compassionately hand-crafted with earth and people friendly materials. As a lifestyle brand focused on consciousness we are dedicated to sharing our products and practices with customers all around the world.

Founded in 2008, Little Korboose "LK" (pronounced Little KOR-boose) is a LOS ANGELES California based, conscious home object and textile company with roots deep in environmental and social good. With consciousness at the core, all materials down to the smallest details are carefully sourced to guarantee that they are of the highest quality and produced in a sustainable, ethical manner. Merchandise can be found here on the LK website and in stockist’s shops around the world. Whether it be humans or the planet Little Korboose is committed to continuing to do the work to support real positive change and engage in this life intentionally.


LK Founder, April Nemeth, is a Los Angeles based artist, designer and entrepreneur. From a family of creative entrepreneurs and intensely hard workers, April got her start as an artist at a young age and works in a variety of mediums. Her grandfather taught her how to paint at age 3. She attended the NASAD accredited Visual Communication Design School at Kent and holds a BFA/MA in 2D and 3D Swiss Visual Communication Design, yielding a combined degree in graphic design, photography and illustration. While there, April fell in love with modern design and architecture traces of which can be seen in her work. With wanderlust and a connection to Mother Earth in her DNA, travel and nature serve as constant sources of inspiration. Fifteen years after founding the company, she still creates every LK design herself, while simultaneously driving the vision.

Recent LK partners of note include West ElmConcrete Collaborative and Toki Mats. April’s work has been featured in various publications over the years, most recently, Dwell, Vogue and GRAY magazine.

In addition to leading her brand of home and lifestyle objects, April practices at her multi-disciplinary atelier, The Studio of April Nemeth, where she creates strategy, design, photography and production for aligned clients whenever possible.

Prior to dedicating herself to her practices full time, April worked as a professional designer then design director for a multi-billion dollar creative products company for 13 years, absorbing all she could and making her an expert collaborator. Her passion for creativity has driven her to wear many hats in the field and gain experience and seniority as a graphic designer, content creator, textile designer, product developer, design director, creative director and business owner. In tandem, she has devoted much of her life to pursuing interests that help protect our planet and the people on it.

Last but not least, April is a life long world traveler and also holds a certification in Yoga & Meditation. Combining both, in 2018, she founded the creative retreat company Juniper & Stone, where she combines art, travel & yoga to curate transformative experiences for individuals, groups and businesses. All proceeds are contributed to the communities in which the retreats take place in an effort to give back.


The name Little Korboose is a play off of modern architect Le Corbusier, one of April’s most prominent influences. Corbusier is also the name of her late Russian blue fur baby of 16.3 years.


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