E A R T H  F R I E N D L Y
Did you know that it takes textile waste 200 years to break down?  Since our start in 2008, Little Korboose has been committed to being a ZERO waste company with a "no textiles in landfills policy."  All pre-consumer waste ("deadstock" and remnants) is upcycled to create Little Korboose quilts, rugs and other products—the most recent being our Organic Cotton Essential Face Masks. With values rooted in ecological consciousness, we use natural, unbleached cotton for our textiles, ensuring that no pesticides, GMOs or other harmful chemicals are used during creation, protecting the planet and you.

P E O P L E  F R I E N D L Y
Here at Little Korboose, "People Friendly" has two meanings. Not only does it represent our drive to uplift and practice kindness to all people, it also expresses our promise to create products that are chemical free and safe for you. It takes a conscious decision to bring our goods into your home  and we will always put your health and safety first.

Our team at headquarters in Cleveland, OH is made up of USA Natives and Refugees from around the world. The refugees we employ fled their home countries due to devastating conditions and abuse—each one of them with their own experience and story. Knowing these unimaginable atrocities that have taken place and still persist has led us to commit to helping this sector begin anew for almost a decade. Specifically, developing a program which provides industrial sewing and job readiness training to low-income individuals with multiple barriers to employment. Our team, from both near and afar, is not just a team, but a family.

S O C I A L  G O O D
At Little Korboose, we believe in individuals. We believe in their ideas, gifts, and power to do good. We uphold the fact that we aren’t just serving “a market,” we’re serving people. This doesn’t just mean with the sale of our products, but also with the treatment of everyone involved throughout the entire process, from concept to distribution.

We’re not on Amazon—and we made this decision deliberately. For the LK family, it is unacceptable to increase profit at the expense of basic worker rights and needs, nor is it ok to support a powerhouse that’s stunting growth and opportunity for small businesses.

Beyond that, we recognize that we exist in an extraordinarily privileged space, and do what we can to give back. Since our start, we have been financially committed to creating real positive change in the areas of social justice and environmental sustainability. We are members of 1% for the Planet and collaborate with multiple organizations to activate and move the needle forward. Most recently, our Stay Home Kits were sold with a portion of the proceeds going to Feeding America. Together, we provided over 10,000 meals to families in need.

W O M A N  O W N E D
While women hold more power in the workforce than ever before, they’re still far from equal.

Women are just 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs—down from a record high of 6% in 2017. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When looking at positions of leadership as a whole, women make up about a ¼ of those positions. All still making $0.75 to every $1 male counterparts make.

Luckily at LK, we have a female in the lead. Artist, designer and entrepreneur April Nemeth has managed and led LK as well as The Studio of April Nemeth since founding both in 2008.

L O C A L L Y  M A D E
In an effort to build community and support the local economy, all LK products are made right here in the USA. 

By collaborating with minority communities, refugees, and outside independent artists we seek to cultivate a conscious, intentional community meant to uplift others.