• Little Korboose Holiday Gift Guide


    It’s crazy to believe the holiday season is so quickly upon us! It’s a time to reflect on the way the universe has guided me and the amazing people it has placed into my life.

    I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such a talented, supportive community of artists and designers throughout the county. Each of these amazing humans is filled with passion to not only succeed but to succeed the good way. Much like Little Korboose, these featured artists built their companies on strong values of treating the land, materials, and people with respect.

    Our holiday gift guide highlights these passionate, talented artists who create meaningful gifts that are perfect for you and everyone on your list.

    For Home:

    Little Korboose Organic Cotton Dish Towels ($21): We had to include ourselves in the guide of course ;). This eco-friendly home goods shop makes the perfect gift to add a minimal yet inviting touch to your home. Choose from hand-drawn wall art, tea towels, organic pillows or accessories. Little Korboose also recently added a modern wood three-legged stool to their line! All of the materials down to the smallest details like zippers are carefully sourced to guarantee that they are of the highest quality and produced in a sustainable, ethical manner. Think high quality, low impact. Little Korboose home goods are compassionately crafted designed to be long-lasting statement pieces in your home.

    Kat & Roger Wall Hanging: This L.A. based ceramic shop also draw on the land as inspiration, specifically from the South, Portland, Lake Tahoe, California, and the Midwest. Kat & Roger combine classic shapes and graphic surface patterns with earthy natural clay textures. You can find their carefully crafted ceramic pieces in online & shops throughout the U.S.

    P.F. Candle Co. No. 5 Spruce Candle ($16): These are my absolute favorite candles, especially the teakwood & tobacco scent! The candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, eau de parfum and incense make great stocking stuffers. Warning: you may want to keep them for yourself. All of P.F. Candle Co. products are USA made as they are designed and produced in Southern California.

    Vacilando Quilting Co. Presidio Quilt ($1,800): My dear friend, Laura, launched Vacilando Quilting Co. after taking a year-long road trip around the U.S. in a 1986 Airstream trailer. She uses travel as inspiration to create intricate handmade quilts, pillows and canvas goods. Her cozy quilts are also customizable to create a memorable, personalized gift.

    For Her:

    Austin Press Stationery: This San Francisco based shop creates beautifully handcrafted objects including art, cards, candles and an apothecary. Austin Press features an old world charm with a rich assortment of handmade gifts.

    Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Face Oil ($72): I seriously can’t go a day without using my Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Face Oil. This natural and cruelty-free skincare brand thoughtfully uses each ingredient for a specific therapeutic reason and does not use fillers of any kind. Herbivore Botanicals ethically sources the finest raw natural materials to make you smell, look and feel great.

    Odette New York Hex Monogram Charm ($60): My signature gold triangle rings are from Odette New York, a sustainable NYC jewelry studio. The company works with reusable materials from local artisans and family-run businesses to maintain a small environmental footprint. They even offer eco-friendly gift packaging as your package can arrive in a reusable poly-bag!

    For Him:

    Iron & Resin Regin Hat ($28): This Ventura-based surf, moto, and skate shop creates high-quality, handcrafted goods. The clothes and gear are built to last and heavily inspired by the team’s adventurous lifestyle and experiences. By the way ladies, Iron and Resin is launching a women’s line very soon!

    Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots ($319): Are you looking for boots that transcend the test of time and outlast harsh working conditions? If so, you’ve found your match—Red Wing Shoes! All shoes are American made in Red Wing, Minnesota. To minimize their environmental footprint, Red Wing offers to repair and revitalize well-worn boots.


  • The Story Behind the Jumpsuit

    The jumpsuit: my favorite outfit. Denim: the only other color I wear besides black. I wear this outfit so much people have actually bet money on if I will show up in it or not. PS: Always bet yes. 

    About two years ago, I was visiting NYC, one of my favorite cities, and a place I called home for a short stint. It was the holiday and although all of the decor and festive music helped ignite my spirit, I was craving warm weather. Every shop I walked in had sweaters and scarves and I just wasn't feeling it. I wanted to be back in the Cali sun reliving the 70's that I wasn't alive for and never experienced.

    Then it happened. I walked into a shop in Rockefeller Center and there it was. My jumpsuit. It reminded me of my Mother, my first style icon. This woman defined natural beauty with an edge. She could dress up in a jumpsuit and platform heels, hippy hair down to her waist, lighting up any room she entered and on a different day ride her own motorcycle across the country getting free. ALWAYS pushing boundaries, never worried about conforming to social norms... and she passed that mentality on to me.   

    When I realized my friends at Mother Denim were the creators of the jumpsuit, I was not surprised and it seemed serendipitous since, after all, it reminded me of my own Mother. I immediately purchased it, fell in love and basically never stopped wearing it...until one day...

    ... it was stolen. The jumpsuit I pretty much wore as a uniform was STOLEN. This past summer, the crew and I were filming part of The Journey Home documentary series in San Francisco California and our car was broken into. Windows smashed, all bags taken. This included thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment as well as wardrobe including two beloved Harley Davidson vintage tees that I will never see again, passed down from my parents. And the jumpsuit. It was gone. Forever.

    Rachel, my right hand and LK marketing maven scoured the internet for a replacement, but years had passed since I first purchased it that day in NYC. I had to let go and make my peace with the loss. An opportunity The Universe repeatedly throws my way.

    Just as I let go... a box showed up at my door. I looked at the return address that read "Mother Denim" and just stared for a minute with the thought deep in the back of my mind that someone had recovered my jumpsuit and sent it to Mother Denim, then they sent it to me. 100% logical. I tore the box open and there it was. A brand new jumpsuit in my size. Was I actually seeing this? Was this for real? I had mentioned the theft to my friends at Mother Denim (and the entire world) immediately following the event. So, THEY MADE ME A NEW ONE. Yes, they made me a new jumpsuit and sent it to my door. Unbelievably kind. 

    So the jumpsuit you all know and adore, it's back... and if you want to know why I have made it my uniform, it's simple: It reminds me of my Mother and all the boldness she passed down to me. This outfit means L O V E.

  • Welcome to The Journey Home

    Hi there, welcome to the Little Korboose Blog: The Journey Home.

    If you have been following my journey, you know at least one thing: I care. Deeply. I care about every one of you and this land I am lucky enough to lay my feet on. I believe you are a part of me and I of you. 

    If you are just being introduced to Little Korboose for the first time: Welcome. Let me tell you a bit about the journey to bring you the brand.

    From as far back as I can remember, I had art. The act of creating art has a way of seducing me into complete immersion, unlike any other thing I experience in my life. Time does not exist and every care in the world goes out the window. Art runs through my soul.

    Growing up, I was surrounded by art. My mother and grandfather were artists and we created together. I studied every line on their faces daily in order to paint or draw their reflection just right.

    I was fortunate enough to be raised by forward-thinking parents who reject the norm and who care deeply about others. Our house was a commune for friends, children and companions alike. They were welcomed as family and part of our modest tribe. 

    My parents continually fostered our growth and in the process, taught me compassion. I was also taught to understand the value of experience and curiosity. In fact, curiosity took us all over the globe to discover new places. We traveled often in search of the next new experience. I remember my mother saying, “Always go.”

    We knew we could build a nest wherever we landed, whether it be in a bustling metropolis, next to a calming brook in a national forest or in a remote area of the peaceful California desert. So the word “Home” has always had an unconventional meaning to me. It is more than just a house. It is a feeling. It has to do with people, the community and the connections you make along the way. It has to do with the land and nature that surround you.

    Home is made up of artifacts from travels and experiences. Every single item in my home has a story. Each time I use an item in my home, I think about where it came from or who gave it to me…and I am able to feel.

    The same is true for everything I create. When I make something, it is drenched with my experience, memories and good vibes—and I want to pass it on. 

    That is why in the summer of 2008, I founded Little Korboose. Little Korboose is a reflection of my true passions around conservation, sustainability, compassion for all living things...and of course the idea of Home.

    Today, our goal with Little Korboose is exactly what we have always tried to do as a brand: Create modern minimalist home goods and accessories compassionately hand-crafted in the USA, with Earth and people friendly materials. All of our materials are carefully sourced to guarantee the highest quality and lowest impact.

    With all of this in mind, we decided to call our (soon to be released) documentary series and blog, The Journey Home. In simplest terms, this title was derived from my core belief in the idea that life is a journey. Deeper than that though, I believe in being in love with living life.

    Throughout my experiences, I’ve found four running themes; design, lifestyle, explore, and collabs. These themes will serve as the foundation for The Journey Home blog, which will give a behind the scenes look at Little Korboose, my inspiration and everything in between.

    Thank you for helping to make my journey through life feel like “Home.” Exciting things to come, I can’t wait to bring you all along for the ride.